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UTM – USV: the first results of the Double Diploma Agreement

On October 11th, 2019, a representative delegation of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) went to the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava (USV), to attend a joint session on the analysis of the Double Diploma Agreement, through which the UTM Master’s students get the opportunity to obtain a double diploma – one from the Republic of Moldova, from UTM, and another from Romania, from USV – a pioneering achievement for the higher education in the two countries, the basis of which was laid two years ago, in 2017.

Prof. and dr. Valentin POPA, USV rector; prof. and dr. Adrian GRAUR, USV rector Emeritus; the vice-rectors, deans and coordinators of the Master programs from USV mentioned the exceptional success of the collaboration on the double diploma segment with UTM, but also the great advantage of moldovan students, who are simultaneously doing two study programs, that obtain a second diploma from USV, recognized in Europe and worldwide. At the same time, the students are able to study close to their home – about one semester in the partner country and another three semesters at home country.

Referring to the respective agreement from 2017, the rector of USV, prof. Valentin POPA, emphasized that the Technical University of Moldova is the main external partner of USV in the double diploma Master’s – achievement through which Suceava opened new doors in the higher education in Romania.

In this context, the rector of UTM recalled that “This agreement was concluded after long negotiations and protocols for the equalization of common disciplines, making sure that at least 75% – 80% of the content is identical. However, the efforts were effective, a fact proven by the successful Master’s theses, but also by the obtaining of the two diplomas by these students, which represents an important step in the European economic-cultural integration. “

In their turn, the members of the UTM delegation, as people directly involved in the process of organizing and conducting the double diploma studies – associate professor, dr. Serghei ANDRONIC, vice-rector of studies; prof. and dr. Larisa BUGAIAN, vice-rector for Finance and International Relations; Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for Computerization, Relations with the Socio-Economic Environment, Image and Communication;  associate professor, dr. Irina TUTUNARU, head of Quality Assurance Unit; associate professor, dr. Rafael CILOCI, dean of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB); associate professor, dr. Dumitru CIORBĂ, dean of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM); dr. Victor GROPA, dean of the Faculty of Energetics and Electrical Engineering (FEIE); prof. and dr. Vladislav REȘITCA, dean of the Faculty of Food Technology (FTA), expressed their joy and satisfaction, shared by the students of the 4 faculties of UTM, to benefit from the extraordinary opportunity to obtain two diplomas of two universities of prestige from two countries.

Based on the Double Diploma Agreement, signed for a period of five years, the following joint Master’s degree programs were organized: “Electrical Engineering”, “Energy and Environment”, “Electroenergetics” (FEIE), “Computers and Information Networks”, “Information Technologies” (FCIM), “Food Quality and Security” (FTA) and “Business Administration” (FIEB). The UTM students have defended over 30 theses at USV this year – an extraordinary result, which the two universities wish to further develop, currently working on ways to make this process more efficient.

Sincere congratulations to the Master’s students, teachers and heads of dissertation who contributed to this success!

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