The students of the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava (Romania) brilliantly defended their Master theses at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of the Technical University of Moldova, thus marking a new accomplishment in the bilateral collaboration UTM-USV, which successfully improves the activities and events carried out jointly in both the educational and scientific fields.

According to the conditions of the Double Diploma Agreement, our students have the opportunity to pursue a Master’s program abroad, and the students of the University of Suceava benefit from the opportunity to obtain the UTM diploma. It is an excellent way to develop partnerships, contributing to the consolidation of the educational process through new approaches and views.

FIEB-UTM professors appreciated the effort of USV students to adjust their Master theses to the requirements of UTM, which involved a higher workload. In the current pandemic conditions, specific organizational and IT measures were also needed to ensure the smooth running of the defense.

The members of the committee appreciated the quality of the works and presentations, pointing out the work of the student Alina-Cristina POSTEUCA “The behavior of entrepreneurial companies. Case study: “II Lisman Ionuț”, which exhaustively revealed the situation of SMEs in Romania, offering complete, well-formulated answers, a result of the experience of managing a small enterprise. Another work worth mentioning is “Diagnostic analysis of activity – a tool for efficient management of the enterprise. Case study: TeraPlast SA Bistriţa Năsăud” by Andreea-Iuliana AMAXIMOAE, who elucidated in her paper the modern tools that ensure efficient management. In his thesis “Risk control and monitoring within organizations. Case study: PROFI SA”, Iulian-Eduard TĂUTU highlighted the practical aspects of improving the activity within the enterprise in which he operates.

We wish a lot of success to USV students in their professional activity and a beautiful collaboration between our institutions.

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