Sandra PRUNICI, a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, created a creatively unique atmosphere during the defense of her Bachelor’s thesis. Passionate about her specialty – marketing and logistics, but also about her hobby  – IT, she ingeniously combined the two in her presentation for her Bachelor’s thesis on the topic: “Communication policy and social networks”.

She created an avatar meant to resemble and “assist” her, and thus, with the help of “Digital Sandra”, she managed to “enter” the presentation physically, in order to exemplify her statements and to answer questions while being closer to the Committee members and her colleagues, even if the examination took place online, remotely.

– I experienced a great deal of emotions, of course. From the anxiety and worry about how everything will turn out, how “Digital Sandra” will be received, about the questions I will get and how we (both) will answer them, to the joy felt after finishing the exam. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have been with me throughout my study process, who guided me and gave me the vast knowledge I hold, which will help me in my subsequent career growth. A special thank you to Lilia CHIRIAC, associate professor, Doctor of economics – for the advice, suggestions and guidance offered in completing my Bachelor’s thesis! Studying at FIEB has brought a lot of light into my life and now, a shadow of sadness troubles me, because this beautiful period is over, Sandra mentioned.

We understand her emotions and share them. We congratulate her for her performance in defending her Bachelor’s thesis, but also throughout her studies, as demonstrated by the inclusion of her name in the lists of the most deserving students of UTM, the top 1% – List of the Rector of UTM, and in the top 3% – List of the Dean of FIEB, for the summer sessions 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and the winter session 2018-2019, with an average grade of 10.00.

We wish you great success and perseverance, dear Sandra!

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