FIEB-PANILINO: a partnership for the elaboration of Bachelor’s theses

The Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of UTM and SC PANILINO SRL have successfully designed and realized a unique project within the study program “Business and Administration”, prioritizing the elaboration of Bachelor’s theses.

The first step on the path to this beautiful collaboration was the affirmative response of the director of the company, Sergiu GUZUN, to the invitation of prof., Dr. Ala OBERȘT to jointly formulate a series of topics regarding the company to be reflected in the Bachelor’s theses of the graduates. Thus, the research topics for the Bachelor’s theses were established, which ensured a systemic and complex approach to the concerns in the development of the enterprise.

Four students from the academic group BA-171 were involved in the investigation of the economic activity of PANILINO, who continued to work in a team at the Department of Economics and Management, under the auspices of prof., Dr. Ala OBERȘT. These teaching methods stimulated the development of critical thinking, active interaction, mutual support, achieving the proposed objectives, confirming the practical effects of teamwork.

The topics of the Bachelor theses approached by the graduate students within this project:

  1. “Opportunities to access foreign markets for SC PANILINO SRL products” (author: Victoria BUZENCO). It is well known that the local market of the Republic of Moldova is very small, especially taking into account the immigration processes of the population. Any producer, once it has established its objectives for expanding its activity, aims to penetrate foreign markets. International trade appears as a consequence of specialization and globalization, as well as the fact that natural resources are unevenly distributed among the countries of the world. But in order to be successful in the external market, the requirements imposed for the company’s products, as well as the preferences of consumers in the target market, must be well studied.
  2. “Increasing the quality control system at SC PANILINO SRL” (author: Veronica SANDULENCO). In any enterprise, the management is responsible for the efficiency of the company and the quality of the manufactured products. A good quality management system allows the company to create the necessary conditions in which products are produced according to the requirements of the customer and all stakeholders. The actuality of having a certified management system appears especially in the conditions of making sales on foreign markets, because it serves as an “insurance policy” for the partnerships created.
  3. “The investment project for the modernization of the production process at SC PANILINO SRL” (author: Mihaela FURTUNA). Investments are the foundation of the future development of the enterprise, having a decisive role in supplementing, diversifying and increasing the quality of all factors of production, ensuring the improvement of the competitive position in relation to other economic agents. At the same time, investments are the support of economic growth and development, contributing to the efficient functioning of the company.
  4. “Consolidation of the organizational culture at SC PANILINO SRL” (author: Zinaida ȚURCAN). Organizational culture has become a paradigm, a way of characterizing organizational reality. Every company has a system of ideas, traditions, values, knowledge, which are expressed in the managerial style, in the way the company’s staff is motivated, in the public image. Therefore, the organizational culture allows the recall of organizational features, the principles of functioning and development of the industrial enterprise.

The projects contained a detailed analysis of the current situation within the company, as well as the ways to achieve increased organizational effectiveness and efficiency, a number of measures being included:

  • Identifying target markets in the European Union and the Middle East. Analysis of the characteristics and specificity of these markets correlated with access strategies.
  • Presentation of the opportunities generated by the certification of the conformity of the food safety management systems according to the BRC Food, IFS Food, HALAL Certification and Kosher Certification models. Methodology of specific requirements for food fraud and bioterrorism.
  • Provisions for eco-efficiency of investments with the alignment of the investment activity of the enterprise to the objectives of sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. Economic justification of the investment project for the technological line of freezing of pastry products with the formulation of investment risk management strategies. All this in the context of accessing the analyzed sales markets.

The technical-economic measures described are valid in the conditions of increasing the effectiveness of the organizational culture. Training the staff to adopt the appropriate attitude in order to strengthen and systemically address organizational culture are very important steps for food chain businesses, as they are the basic premise for the manufacture of safe products for human consumption.

Despite the conditions generated by the pandemic situation in which the elaboration of the Bachelor’s theses was carried out, the works were highly appreciated by the managers of SC PANILINO SRL, as well as by the Committee for the Bachelor’s Examination. The efforts of the graduates of the “Business and Administration” program were evaluated accordingly, and their ideas and proposals are already implemented in the economic activity of the enterprise. Certainly, such partnerships will substantially improve the quality of training of licensed specialists in economics.

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