The successful defense of Bachelor’s theses at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of UTM, specialty “Business and Administration”, upheld the high level of training of graduates, demonstrating advanced analytical and managerial knowledge and skills.

Between June 15-17, 2020, the students of the “Business and Administration” program within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business defended their Bachelor’s theses through the Microsoft Teams platform. The Bachelor’s Examination Committee consisted of prof., Dr. Nicolae ȚÂU, President of the Committee; prof., Dr. Maria GHEORGHIȚA; associate professor, Dr. Rina ȚURCAN, head of the Economics and Management Department; associate professor, Dr. Alina STRATILA, head of the “Business and Administration” program. The theses were defended in Romanian, English and Russian.

In their works, the graduates approached a wide range of current topics and came to reasoned conclusions, especially worthy of notice being the theses presented by Victoria BUZENCO – “Opportunities to access foreign markets for the products of the company “PANILINO” SRL” and Mihaela FURTUNĂ – “The investment project for the modernization of the production process at the enterprise “PANILINO” SRL” (coord.: associate professor, Dr. Ala OBERȘT); Inga ROTARI – „Diagnostic analysis of human resources at the enterprise „5AQ INVEST” SRL. Improvement measures” and Daniela STACI – “Diagnostic analysis of the financial situation at the enterprise „5AQ INVEST” SRL. Improvement measures” (coord.r: associate professor, Dr. Alina STRATILA), Corina GAREA – “Analysis of the human resources management of the enterprise “COROPLAST HARNESS TECHNOLOGY” SRL. Improvement measures” (coord.: associate professor, Dr. Rina ȚURCAN).

Through cultivating their leadership skills and developing their entrepreneurial spirit, the “Business and Administration” curriculum encourages graduates to start businesses. It also offers them employment opportunities in various fields: manager, economist-manager, finance manager, sales manager, human resources manager, quality manager, etc. One of the advantages of the program lies in the inclusion of modern information technologies, as well as the focus on knowing the organization of economic processes in terms of engineering, experience and high qualification of scientific and teaching staff, high employment rate of graduates, modern infrastructure, etc.

In addition, the students were informed about the opportunity to continue their studies for a Master’s Degree – studies extremely necessary in order to build a successful career and hierarchical advancement. The Department of Economics and Management offers high-performance Master’s programs in Business Administration and Real Estate Economics, organized based on collaboration agreements with European educational institutions, with the advantage of completing double diploma studies with the University “Ștefan cel Mare” in Suceava.

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