Prof. Rodica STURZA, awarded the “Nicolae Milescu Spătarul” medal

On June 12, the Day of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Mrs. Rodica STURZA, Doctor in technical sciences, university professor, head of the Department of Oenology and Chemistry at the Faculty of Food Technology, in Technical University of Moldova, and member of the Department of Exact Sciences and Engineering of the ASM, was awarded the “Nicolae Milescu Spătarul” medal.

Through this award, handed by the Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the coordinator of the Department of Exact Sciences and Engineering, Svetlana COJOCARU, the ASM Presidium expressed its appreciation for the 30 years worth of research in the field of chemistry and food safety recorded by her, along with sincere congratulations on the occasion of her 60th anniversary.

Thankful and honored, Rodica STURZA affirmed that she will continue to work with the same selflessness in the scientific and didactic field, encouraging the young researchers’ passion for research and gladly accompanying them on their path to increase research efficiency in the Republic of Moldova, especially in the field of food biotechnology and food safety.

This year, the Day of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova was characterized by a public lesson presented online by Prof. Randy SCHEKMAN from the University of California / Berkeley, USA, a famous scientist with moldovian roots, Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and a musical recital given by the famous composer-academician Eugen DOGA. The event highlighted the indisputable merit in the development of science of several professors-scientists, including from the Technical University of Moldova.

Vivat, Crescat, Floreat, ASM!

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