The 10 first year Master’s students of the academic group DI-191m of the study program “Interior Design”, cycle II, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, launched the “2021 Calendar”.

A piece of work of impressive graphic and artistic presentation, made within the academic discipline “Polygraphic Design”, that highlights the professional maturity of most Master’s students of this group – Natalia HAREA, Alexandra ȘERȘUN, Nicoleta COJOCARI, Eugen LEON, Carolina RACILĂ, Mariana BUNDUCHI, Dumitru SANDUȚA, Alina BURSUC.

Proud of the success of her disciples, prof., Dr. Tatiana BUIMISTRU mentioned that the academic discipline “Polygraphic Design” was introduced in the curriculum of the Department of Urban Planning and Design precisely in order to allow young designers to expand their range of creative skills. As the author and professor of this course, she puts special emphasis on studying the requirements and standards of graphic design (the main component of polygraphic design), in order to guide Master’s students in graphically correcting their own dissertation (content part), including its aesthetic part (PowerPoint presentation), for public thesis defense.

The broad objective of the paper was to create a collective piece of art in the form of a calendar, as one of the most requested types of printed products. The individual task of each Master’s student was to create a themed calendar sheet based on a world-renowned furniture designer. Each page of the calendar was to include the designer’s photo, famous examples of his furniture and interior accessories, and to add a certain month of the year. Fulfilling this task required, in fact, designing a complex and harmonious graphic work, which takes into account the theoretical materials studied, including the requirements for composition, color and typography in graphic design.

These works also aimed to highlight the imagination, creative thinking and innovative spirit of the creators – skills acquired by Master’s students during their years of study. Each page was distinguished by something specific: some perfectly captured the specifics of the famous designer’s creation, respecting his graphic style, others focused on the color harmony and composition, integrating their own originality.

The working process started long before the quarantine, the final version being completed online – in fact, a premiere for us in the completion of a collective creation of this kind.

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