FIEB, Oracle and Unisim-soft bringing new technologies to UTM

The Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business has launched the collaboration with the Romanian representative of Oracle. The event was attended by old acquaintances from Unisim-soft, who were the intermediates in this important partnership for FIEB.

Pavel TUHARI, the director of Unisim-soft company, presented the opportunities of using ERP platform software, Oracle based, which offers modern solutions for business, accounting, logistics, etc. The advantage of this platform, already explored by FIEB students, lies in the possibility of developing an integrated information system using Oracle Database.

Denis COSULEAN, an accounting expert at Unisim-soft, presented definite solutions for organizing the logistics activity by generating reports, including efficiency ones, checking stocks, orders, deadlines s.a.

Thomas ARIEȘAN (Oracle, Romania) gave a unique remote presentation on Oracle’s fields of activity – Manufacture Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud, Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud and Oracle Intelligent Truck and Trade. The presentation of blockchain technology arose great interest, displaying great prospects for the development of the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Another remote presentation was made by Răzvan DIACONU (Oracle, Romania), who presented various applications for the fields of marketing and sales. Particular attention was paid to the automation of customer support, which has high prospects for development in our zone.

Expressing his consideration and gratitude for the development of the collaboration with the new world-class partners from Oracle, the dean of FIEB, associate professor, Dr. Rafael CILOCI, mentioned that this partnership constitutes an exceptional opportunity for the modern training of UTM students and implicitly of FIEB, with a special focus on the development of ICT skills, which has already become a goal for the Technical University of Moldova.

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational company in the computer industry, specializing in the design and marketing of hardware and software systems for business. Oracle-Romania is the fourth most important representation of the company globally and the second in Europe, transforming the host country into a global hub of the company and offering over three thousand jobs.

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