At the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of UTM, meetings between students and representatives of industrial enterprises became frequent.

At the invitation of the official of the specialized course “Investment management in industry”, lect., PhD. Ala OBERȘT, students of the study program “Business and administration” had the opportunity to meet Sergiu GUZUN, the director of the confectionery factory PANILINO SRL. The guest shared a fragment of his 16 years of experience as a director and urged students to build their professional future at home, to contribute to the development of the national economy and to insist on being the best in the areas which they plan to evolve in.

A highlight of the presentation was the investment plan with a budget of hundreds of thousands of euros focused on modernizing the technology and increasing the volume of production. In particular, the students were impressed by the eco-efficiency of the presented investment project, which denotes the concern of this producer for the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment. PANILINO SRL thus presents itself as a manufacturer that exploits natural resources and successfully implements eco-efficient technologies, ensuring sustainable growth.

The openness manifested by Sergiu GUZUN in communicating with the students elucidated a successful symbiosis of knowledge and practice regarding industrial investments – an element important for the professional future, which the FIEB students intend to take as an example.

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