FIEB: Unisim-Soft presents a modern accounting tool –

Specialists of the native company Unisim-Soft, Violeta DRAGNI and Oxana TUHARI, came to visit the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, delivering to the students a lesson on the topic “Cost analysis at a company”, but also a software adapted to the needs of the company – , a complex accounting and management information system, successfully implemented at Unisim-Soft.

The meeting took place within the course “Diagnosis of the economic-financial activity” (DAEF), held by the associate professor, dr. Cornelia CRUCERESCU for the students of the third year from the specialties “Business and administration”, “Accounting”, “Marketing and logistics”. The purpose of the presentation consisted of informing about the functionality of the software, demonstrating the mechanisms of searching for information about costs, both in the final reports and in the analytical accounting. Particular attention was paid to the import of the indicators necessary to complete the tables modeled in excel, necessary to perform the cost analysis. Also, the software allows users to follow the methodology of formation and allocation of costs according to the selected criteria, the specifics of the business and the accounting policy of the company.

Using the software will allow students to get a better grasp on theoretical information, to increase their browsing skills in the accounting software for extracting as much primary information as necessary for carrying out a complex analysis of the economic-financial situation of the enterprise in certain fields of activity, necessary in generating information for supporting decision making.

The lecture was led by professors dr. Alina STRATILA and Lidia SURDU, who use the software when teaching their class. They highly appreciate the opportunity to use the software in the teaching process, its superior degree of applicability, the high quality level of professional training of the students in accordance with the market requirements and the improved possibilities of entering the field of work.

The presentation ended with a round of debates on the advantages of software implementation, the possibility of doing internships, as well as the possibility of being employed at Unisim-Soft. At the request of the company’s specialists, the students expressed their opinion about the software design and the facilitation of the access and navigation procedures.

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