Passionate about numbers and deciphering them, years ago Stanislav CEBOTARI made a prompt choice: to continue his studies at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of the Technical University of Moldova.

His knowledge in the field was highly valued, Stanislav being awarded the prize for excellence in studies and the title of “Valedictorian-2017” at his graduation of the Bachelor’s programme. He set goals for himself to advance in the formation of practical skills of economic analysis by pursuing Master’s studies at FIEB, being part of the first Master’s Degree Double Diploma programme. His efforts were highlighted by the most eminent member in the field – the National Bank of Moldova, where he was set to start his career as head economist.

Given that 10 percent of NBM employees are graduates of UTM, Stanislav suggests that young people interested in engineering and economics should complete their studies at the Technical University of Moldova, where they will build a strong base for a modern profession. 

Engineers create the Future!

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