Starting with 2017, the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering of UTM, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration of “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania, has a double diploma program. It is a novel opportunity for UTM masters to obtain an EU diploma, and for those in Suceava – to complete their CV with a master’s degree from UTM.

On July 2nd, 2019, UTM masters Valeriu Briciuc, Viviana Calin, Stanislav Cebotari, Denis Didilică and Ecaterina Domenti held the graduation examination at USV with notable results, demonstrating profound knowledge and advancing effective solutions.

Graduate Stanislav Cebotari, appreciated with the maximum grade, mentioned:

– Being admitted to master studies, I learned about the possibility of studying simultaneously at a university in Romania. The offer seemed quite tempting because it opens new doors to professional growth, it is an unprecedented experience, and the decisive role in pursuing this opportunity was the possibility to study abroad. This experience was an exciting one, and the results were fairly on merits. We had the opportunity to meet new teachers, colleagues and to admire Suceava – the city of the soul! It is also worth mentioning the involvement of teachers at both universities, which facilitated the study process, so that in two years we could obtain two master’s degrees. More than that – we are the first generation!

The double diploma program opens new perspectives for students in the Republic of Moldova and presents an important step in the European economic and cultural integration. We wish them good luck in their professional advancement!

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