At the TUM Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB), we also train accountants.While putting forward their bachelor theses in the Bachelor’s Degree Exam, the graduates of the Department of Economics and Management addressed a wide range of problems in the field, coming up with interesting suggestions to help restructure business.

The new graduates – Cătălina Coada, Rodica Furtună, Dumitru Calcatiniuc, Prascovia Podcoritov, Gheorghe Tutunaru, Oxana Roșca – have approached several topics in their papers, including: The analysis of the legal framework reform in the field of accounting and taxation; Assessment of the settlements with the budget and the tax burden; Economic and financial analysis of the entity’s results; Specifics of IMM Entrepreneurship; Specifics of Fixed Assets Accounting in order to increase financial results, etc.

The thesis that stood out was presented by Cătălina Coada, who proposed to make a thorough study on “Accounting and analysis of commodity stocks”. The graduate had an excellent theoretical and practical training. The Licensing Committee has appreciated the conclusions and proposals of the graduate, due to the fact that they are already successfully implemented in the managerial process of the enterprise and have generated considerable economic effects.

Good luck in your career, dear graduates!

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