Have you ever thought that the issue of road quality control can have a simple and effective solution, and that it’s found in the field of information technology?

Road condition plays an important role in the development of a country, and road quality control typically requires a considerable amount of time and resources. In his thesis entitled “Road Quality Control System”, Valentin Belîi, graduate the program “Computer Studies”, under his guide Lilia Rotaru, senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering (head of Department: dr. Viorica Sudacevschi), found an ingenious solution to this problem.

Valentin proposed the following solution: On the suspension of several means of transport there is a MPU-9250 module installed, consisting of an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope. With this product, the acceleration, inclination of the module, and its orientation in space can be detected. Thus, information on vibration, braking and acceleration on the route is recorded. This data is collected and processed by a Raspberry PI device. All information is saved in a MySQL database, from where it is retrieved and processed based on Valentin’s proposed algorithms.

In addition to collecting and processing data, the developed system provides real-time monitoring of road quality data on a web page that uses Google Maps. On this map, different quality roads are marked with different colors. For example, a good quality road will appear on the map in green, and the lower quality will be colored in yellow, orange or red. Access to the map is possible from both a computer and a mobile phone. Thus, users can participate in the data collection process and view the results of the work done.

It is assumed that each system user will monitor the quality of the road they’re using, and on the basis of all the data collected, it’ll be decided which section of the road is of good quality and which needs to be repaired, and, respectively, advisable to be bypassed.

Valentin also participated at the International Student Competition “Systems Engineering SERGIU RADAUŢAN – 2019”, 9th edition, with this project, and won the bronze medal and a special prize awarded by the company Arobs Software SRL.

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