The Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering (FIEB) has delivered a new class of 20 master students (4 – from EAI 120 specialty, 4 from AA 90 and 12 from AA 120). The master’s programs at FIEB provide graduates from different specialties with a thorough economic and managerial training and opportunities to advance in leadership positions.

The topics covered in the Master Theses are diverse, often characterizing the situation in the enterprises in which the master students work. Branch / sectoral studies are conducted, benchmarking research is effectuated, and refining proposals are anchored on current issues, generating a major economic effect.

Professor Rafael Ciloci, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering, says that several of the master’s graduation papers this year reached a very high level, respectively highlighting some of them.

Master graduate Esenia Turchin, in her thesis “Public Procurement Management”, examined the procurement system, procurement platforms and procedures, and especially the economic effects of implementing this system at the Technical University of Moldova.

Master graduate Stanislav Cebotari, awarded for excellence and designated head of the 2017 class at the graduation of his Bachelor cycle, stood out with his work “Evaluation of the Economic Efficiency of Investment Projects based on the use of Information Technologies”. He reflected on the use of information technologies to create a model for assessing the economic efficiency of investment projects. This would allow projection of the responsiveness of the projects to the change of value of the risk factors, and could be implemented by construction companies.

The knowledge and skills acquired within the FIEB are an important investment for the future of our students!

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