Licentiate-2019, FIEB: The importance of diagnostic analytics in the activity of an enterprise

Ana Mereacre, graduate of the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering, gr. BA-161, successfully framed and presented her thesis, entitled “Diagnostic analysis of the commercial activity at the company “VADELICONSTRUCT” SRL. Measures of improvement”, under the guidance of the scientific guide Alina Stratila, PhD, prof. at the Department of Economics and Management of the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering,

The student has planned to make a detailed analysis of the business activity of the company and, based on the results obtained, to identify the position it occupies in the environment it operates in. Such an analysis has highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses, and possible risks in the business activity of the enterprise. Thus, the most effective improvement directions have been identified, leading to contribution to the ascension of the enterprise.

As marketing is the center of modern business, the graduate has emphasized the importance of correct organization of commercial actions and fair trade, in terms of reducing the time and effort required to obtain, analyze and prepare information. These actions are then found to be useful in the automation and operation of data, respectively, the use of databases. As a viable solution to creating and managing databases, it has been proposed to use Microsoft Excel – a software for information management.

The graduate recommends the specialists of the business department to create and develop their own databases that perform specific tasks and ensure the systematic use of information in a more structured form on a free basis.

Furthermore, the enterprise analyzed was given a practical example, created in Microsoft Excel and demonstrated in English, of the use of databases in working with customers. Respectively, additional information will be excluded, which will simplify the perception of data and increase the efficiency of managerial decisions.

For example, building such a database (based on online pages containing free access databases) for construction companies allows for the following information to be extracted:

  1. Establishing competitors specializing in the same type of field;
  2. Identification of suppliers of raw materials and materials directly in the vicinity;
  3. Identifying potential partners who implement relevant ideas or become temporary participants in transactions, etc.

In conclusion, the graduate reiterated that the use of databases is particularly important in order to ensure effective business activity in the market economy. This will allow for the reduction of the costs of marketing and sales operations, as well as of many depleted resources in the business activity of the enterprise.