Agro IT – integrating agriculture and information technologies

The Micro Lab Engineering Club launches Agro IT Academy, an educational program initiated with the support of USAID Moldova. The program was set up through the Performance Agriculture in Moldova – a project, which provides for the involvement of young people in the development of information technology integration projects in agricultural production.

Through the Agro IT program, the Micro Lab Club team aims to answer a series of questions, such as: what solutions would an IT technician or engineer come up with regarding a problem within agricultural production? What are the limitations of a cross-sectoral collaboration, but most importantly, what are its prospects? What would Moldovan agriculture look like if we managed to change our approach in the field?

The Agro IT Academy will be selecting 20 graduating students from the State Agrarian University of Moldova and from the Technical University of Moldova, but also young practitioners who are up for an intellectual challenge. The duration of the Agro IT Academy program is one academic year. The recruitment of participants starts on 23/08/2021 and remains open until 21/09/2021.

Other representatives that can participate in the project are agricultural companies that are ready to provide information regarding their work process, to adopt and test innovative solutions developed by young people, and to change their old system into a new, technological one.

Participants will work in teams on real case studies by addressing issues from a comprehensive cross-sectoral perspective, integrating knowledge of agronomy, horticulture, electrification and agricultural mechanization with knowledge of IT, microelectronics and robotics.

Throughout the process of problem identification, solutions and architecture development, programming and integration in the real environment of agricultural production, the participants will be trained and guided by program mentors and experts in agriculture and technology. 

The Micro Lab Engineering Club provides mentorship programs and encourages innovative ideas for the growing community of engineers in Intelligent Embedded Systems, such as Automotive, Robotics, Internet of things, Industrial Equipment, and Electronic Development, in the Republic of Moldova. Micro Lab managed to guide hundreds of pupils and students during its activity of over 10 years, ranking first in the country in this regard.

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