FEIE-UTM: visited by students of the Theoretical High School „C. Spătaru” in Leova

The Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering received a visit from a group of high school students from the Theoretical High School “Constantin Spătaru”, in Leova. The tour was organized with the purpose of informing young people about the study opportunities within the respective faculty of the Technical University of Moldova.

Given that the Theoretical High School “Constantin Spătaru” in Leova is undergoing a series of works for its modernization and improvement of energy efficiency (including roof restoration, wall insulation, window replacement, heating system renovation, hot and cold water supply, and renovation of sanitary facilities), which are carried out within large-scale projects aiming to increase energy efficiency and modernize local public services, funded by the European Union and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the purpose of the visit was to raise awareness among young people about climate change and the ways to reduce its impact on the environment through energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

The visit was managed by project manager Natalia CERNEA, together with the FEIE vice-dean Marcel BURDUNIUC, the university lecturers Corina GUȚU-CHETRUȘCA, Constantin BOROSAN, Vadim CAZAC and Irina APOSTOL.The engineers Eugen TIGHINEAN and Octavian MANGOS presented a series of laboratory gear: sets of equipment in the field of High Voltage Technology, Power Supply, Electrical Equipment, Renewable and Conventional Power Generation Sources, Thermal Power Supply Systems, and others. 

The tour around FEIE was followed by a visit to the Râșcani academic campus of TUM, where the students had the opportunity to explore the Outdoors Technology Museum, see wind and solar energy installations, and admire works done by other TUM students.

The visit was organized by the Public Association “LT & Liceum” from Leova – a beneficiary of the European Union’s Local Grants Program, which implements the project “Empowering citizens in the use of modern energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy sources” in the city of Leova.

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