The directing of the professional training program “Leadership and Management”, intended for managers of higher education institutions, refers to the work package 2.2, the purpose of this guidance program being for the project members to follow the training program, as trainees. At the end of the piloting session, the program will be evaluated by all project members, in order to improve it for future trainees.

Between January 20-22, 2021, the first module of the program will be piloted – Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutions, provided by the team formed by Dr. Angela NICULIȚĂ, associate professor, USM (Module leader), dr. Otilia DANDARA, professor, USM, dr. Dionisie BOAGHIE, associate professor, USM, Tatiana Gaugaș, lecturer, ASEM and dr. Tatiana Şova, associate professor, USARB.

During the opening of the piloting session, dr. Larisa BUGAIAN, institutional coordinator of the project, mentioned that the training program is worth 40 ECTS, or 1200 hours, of which 298 hours are reserved for direct interaction with the instructor, and 902 hours for individual work. Each module will end with the evaluation of the individual work, consisting of the presentation of the work done in teams by the project members, and, at the end of the program, the skills obtained during the course will be evaluated. Ms. Bugaian pointed out that the piloting will take 4-5 months of intensive activity, and at the end of each module there will be a period of time for individual teamwork.

The MHELM project is implemented with EU financial support through the ERASMUS+ program.

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