60 students from the Department of Software Engineering and Automatics (ISA), Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (FCIM), participated in the third edition of the contest “Database Management”, held for the first time in online format, on the MS TEAMS platform.

The rector of UTM, prof. Viorel BOSTAN, stated that this competition highlights the technical creativity of students, encouraging them to fully manifest their ingenuity, inventiveness and creative imagination, but also to test their knowledge and skills in analyzing, designing and managing databases acquired within the courses.

The participants – students of the “Information Technology” (including the Anglophone and Francophone Branches) and “Information Security” study programs – were tasked with developing a database that would automate the car rental/reservation service, including additional options for potential customers.

During the 7 hours of the competition, the 12 teams of students demonstrated their knowledge and aptitudes in terms of teamwork, formulating and distributing tasks, efficient time management, logical design and implementation of database schema in SQL Server (stage I of the contest), as well as the implementation, query and administration of DB (stage II of the contest).

The first place was won by the the team “Sequel Team – Вперёд с SQL” (“Moving forward with SQL!”), (gr. SI-182, TI-185) – Andrei TÎRSÎNA (captain), Dmitrii MUȘCINSCHI, Dmitrii OBUH, Alexandr VLASIUC, Iurie COZLENCO; their prize – a voucher worth 5,000 lei for the team, offered by the company “Endava” and a T-shirt for each member of the team offered by the company “Mixbook”;

The second place was shared by the teams “Syntax Error – Что нас не убивает, делает нас сильнее” (“What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”), (gr. TI-185) – Artiom JULEA (captain), Maxim BOGDAN, Anastasia GORIUC, Maxim NEESCAS, Adrian PSENITA; and “NewQuery – In Data We Trust” (gr. TI-183) – Anastasia FRECĂUȚAN (captain), George DUMBRAVĂ, Ecaterina HERȚA, Dionisie RUSU, Elizaveta TALMAZAN; the prizes – 2000 lei per team, from the companies “Mixbook” and “Monsato” and a T-shirt for each member of the team offered by the company “Mixbook”;


The 3rd place was shared by the teams „ERROR 404: Database not found” (gr. TI-182) – Cristian VORONEANU (captain), Simion BALANUȚA, Georgeta CIORBA, Cătălin NICOLAESCO, Vladislav ZELENIUC; „The Bits – Простые решения сложных проблем” (“Simple solutions to complex problems”), (gr. TI-186) – Mihail TANASOGLO (captain), Dan BELOSCURNIC, Stanislav CERNIOGLO, Alexei MALINOVSCHII, Danylo ZADOINOV; „RTG – Ritch The Goal” (gr. FI-181) – Teodor VRABIE (captain), Alexandr BONTA, Violina ELADII, Maria MACOVEI, Ion SAPTESATE; the prizes – 1000 lei per team, from the companies “Mixbook” and “Monsato” and a T-shirt from the Technical University of Moldova for each member of the team, offered by the director of CEGHID, Radu MELNIC, from the sponsor UTM.

The competition was concluded with a roundtable meeting of the members of the jury and the organizers, who appreciated the students’ training in Databases management and discussed the potential collaborative relationships between the companies, the teachers and the students, in order to ensure an efficient dissemination of knowledge and practical experience in the field.

The competition was attended by the university professor, Dr. Ion FIODOROV, head of the ISA Department, as well as the professors of the “Databases” course – associate professor, Dr. Vitalie COTELEA, university lecturers Dorian SARANCIUC (moderator of the contest) and Rodica BULAI, assistant lecturers Octavian RĂDUCANU and Gabriel ZAHARIA, but also the guests of honor – jury members, contest sponsors and UTM graduates: Marian COTELEA – ICS ENDAVA SRL, Iurii HOHAN – Mixbook SRL, Boris GALCENCO – MONSATO SA.

The administration of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics and, in particular, of the Software Engineering and Automatics Department, expresses its gratitude to the sponsors and partners of the contest – ICS ENDAVA SRL, Mixbook SRL, MONSATO SA, the Technical University of Moldova – for support, generosity and contribution to the successful organization of the contest.

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