Mirela GUȚU: FIEB opened up opportunities for me in Dubai, at “Zee Dimension”

Mirela GUȚU, FIEB graduate, says that choosing to study at UTM was a fundamental investment for developing a successful professional career.

Mirela majored in Business and Administration at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business in 2017, and a few months later, she successfully applied for a job in Dubai – Business Developer at “Zee Dimension”, a company specializing in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

– It was a great challenge for me, a young economist, to get a job in the IT field. I really wanted to outdo myself, so initially I started part time, in a small team, learning and growing as the company developed. Perseverance, good time management, a positive attitude, and flexibility in a dynamic international environment are the qualities that helped me every day, and still do. My field of activity involves the collection of analytical data and their processing. Lately, the epidemiological conditions have brought a new change – working online, and the fact that, in the meantime, “Zee Dimension” has spread to Bahrain and Qatar, has given my job a dose of independence, pushing me to make decisions individually in unpredictable situations. Now, I can’t imagine a day’s work without a well-developed CRM or other tools that make my day more productive.

How useful are my studies at UTM now? The Technical University of Moldova offers a wide range of study programs that develop valuable skills for assertion and advancement in the field of work. It is particularly special because of the professors’ encouraging attitude towards their students. At FIEB, I was very lucky to receive advice and support that, today, helps me to creatively approach the many challenges that I encounter, and for this, I am extremely grateful to my tutors.

My message for students is: “Never stop being curious and learning. Professional advancement is always driven by perseverance and constant effort! ”

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