UNISIM SOFT: supporting “IT in accounting” at FIEB

The beginning of the new academic year at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business is marked by the continuous collaboration with the strategic partner UNISIM SOFT company, which offers permanent consulting to teachers and students about the new options of IT applications in the field.

It is also an extremely beneficial collaboration in the context of the informational and logistical support offered by UNISIM SOFT for the university course “Information Technologies in Accounting” – with examples of IT applications in accounting, logistics, finance and management, as well as positions for internships within the company. Among the aspects proposed for examination within the course is the high-performance system for monitoring the company’s activity – the monitoring activity can be taught / studied using the multitude of existing IT tools in the economic-financial field, especially the software systems used in the accounting system.

In the current conditions marked by the pandemic, the Department of Economics and Management within FIEB has made available to students a similar course on the Moodle UTM platform, which aims to enable students of “Accounting” to implement various IT tools in their subsequent work. For this purpose, it is proposed to study the methods of grouping and systematization of information, registration of accounting documents through una.md technologies, accounting of stocks through the accounting information program; accounting for operations with third parties and accounting of services through digital tools, the peculiarities of Internet accounting, the diversity of accounting programs, the particularities and priorities of the program una.md.

FIEB’s collaboration with UNISIM SOFT is important for the educational process and the training of future specialists – beneficiaries of the course “Information Technologies in Accounting”.

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