Despite the COVID-19 pandemic stretching out the distance between Iași and Chișinău, the awards obtained by the inventors of the Technical University of Moldova at the great invention hall EUROINVENT-2020 have reached home.

Proud of the results of the team of the Technical University of Moldova, consisting of 70 teachers and PhD students, who presented 29 papers at the EUROINVENT-2020 Hall, containing the results of research and innovation activities, protected by patents, prof., Dr. Mircea BERNIC, vice-rector of UTM for Research and Doctorate, stated:

– Today I received the package with diplomas, the 18 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze medals and, last but not least, the UTM Cup for “Performance in Education and Research”, all of these being the result of the enormous effort and the activity within the laboratories and research centers of UTM.

The 12th edition of the European Exhibition “EUROINVENT 2020” took place between May 21-23, at the Palace of Culture in Iași.

It is the largest event in Eastern Europe that promotes creativity and innovation in an international context, at which, this year, for the first time, the works were presented online. The current edition was attended by top researchers and inventors from over 30 countries (Canada, India, Japan, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, the United States, etc.), displaying over 530 creations in all fields of interest, examined by a jury of 50 world-class scientists.

Sincere congratulations and success to all participants in this prestigious event in the field of research and innovation!

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