For a promising professional future, choose Economic Engineering and Business

If you have the qualities of a leader, you are creative and you strive for a profession that combines economics and engineering, the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business is the perfect choice for you!

Today’s visitors of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business were welcomed by the secretary of the UTM Admission Committee, Radu MELNIC, and the FIEB professors: Rafael CILOCI – dean; Veaceslav BÂRDAN – head of the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing; Rina ȚURCAN – head of the Department of Economics and Management; Alina STRATILA – head of the “Business and Administration” program; Lilia CHIRIAC – head of the “Marketing and Logistics” program; Nicolae ȚURCANU – head of the “Accounting” program; and professor Vasile MAMALIGA, who presented the study programs offered by FIEB, categorized into the three main areas:

BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION – represents a successful combination of managerial, economic, technical and technological studies, training managers who would administer industrial enterprises or would start their own business;

MARKETING AND LOGISTICS – aims to develop the students’ skills in marketing, supply chain management, engineering and management (production and inventory management, production process research) and, in particular, industrial logistics (logistics operations management, logistics flow simulation, quality and process audit logistics, maintenance of logistics equipment, logistics project management);

ACCOUNTING – a field that goes far beyond endless calculations, mathematical formulas or theories. Here you will learn the basics for any business: how to calculate profit, what taxes you have to pay in each area of ​​activity, how to prioritize expenses and reduce unnecessary ones or what tools to use to make future economic forecasts.

The students were particularly interested in this faculty because of its secured spot in the labor market. The specialists of these fields are highly appreciated in the workplace, which suggests a promising professional future.

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