Daniela STACI is a third year student at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB) within the Technical University of Moldova and considers that now, on the threshold of the 2020 Admission, is the opportune time to encourage future candidates to explore and pursue her career choice.

Three years ago, she chose to follow the “Business and Administration” study program within FIEB, because she believes that this specialty is well anchored in the labor market and proves to be very adaptable to its needs and requirements, but also to international academic rigors.

Daniela considers the connection between studies and internships as a decisive element in the training of specialists in the field, because this way, students develop their abilities and entrepreneurial skills, and thus, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur becomes realistic and achievable.

Her advice to young people who want to follow her steps is short, but suggestive and genuine:

“Join us and be part of the UTM family!”

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