Previously suspended due to the pandemic, the Bachelor’s examinations were transferred online. The Department of Economics and Management within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business (FIEB) conducted the online exams for the students of the “Business and Administration” and “Accounting” specialties, successfully coordinating both the organizational and the technical part.

In accordance with the Regulations on the organization of the examination for the completion of higher degree studies at UTM, the Bachelor’s exams started with the theory test, at which, on 14th and 15th of April, the students of the 413.1 Business and Administration and the 411.1 Accounting study programs were present.

As with many other didactic activities, the remote examination was possible due to the implementation of information technologies, in this case – the Microsoft Teams platform, which ensured the online presence of both students and the president and members of the Examination Committees.

– The practice of using the Microsoft Teams platform has shown that, in any situation, effective solutions can be found and applied. The students demonstrated advanced digital skills, and the members of the Committee managed to adapt quickly and evaluate the Bachelor’s exam efficiently, says the dean of FIEB, Dr. Rafael CILOCI. Each student took the exam in front of the Committee, being present online (via video), and the members of the Committee listened to the presentations, asked questions and appreciated the vocational knowledge and skills demonstrated by the students. Also, the students were informed about their opportunities to study for a Master’s degree, which is an essential step in order to build a career and further advance professionally.

The Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business has 3 Master’s degree programs in currently: “Business Administration” – with 120 and 90 transferable credits (European Credit Transfer System – ECTS); and “Real Estate Economics” – 120 ECTS. These high quality programs offer an additional advantage – studies based on the Double Diploma Agreement with the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania.

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