FTP-UTM: trainings on designing and manufacturing protective masks

Between April 8th and 10th, three online trainings on the design and manufacture of protective masks were conducted, under the aegis of the lecturer Dr. Irina TUTUNARU, from the Department of Technologies and Design in Textiles and Polygraphy, Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy of the Technical University of Moldova.

Intended for students from vocational schools, colleges and centers of excellence that train specialists in the field of textiles, the trainings aimed to teach the manufacturing process of three models of masks, different in appearance and way of making, using reusable products made from textiles. As a result, students were invited to take part in charity acts of making protective masks for people from socially vulnerable groups.

The didactic activities mentioned were conducted in response to the initiative of the Association of Business Women from Bălți, regional partner of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Business Assistance (CEDA).

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