Scientific research and innovation – the force of UTM

36 research projects carried out during 2019 with funding from the state budget and from extra-budgetary sources – this would be the driving force from which the scientific research and innovation within the Technical University of Moldova intends to evolve further.

During the Senate meeting, prof., Dr. Mircea BERNIC, vice-rector of UTM for research and PhD, emphasized that the field of scientific research is firmly anchored in the forthcoming and prospective strategy of UTM. These are 12 institutional projects (5 fundamental scientific researches and 7 applied scientific researches); a project within the State Programs; 6 projects for young researchers; 4 international bilateral projects (Romania, Germany, Ukraine); 7 technological transfer projects, 5 projects for organizing scientific events, 1 project for the elaboration of monographs and 1 international grant! In the activity carried out within these projects, 159 scientific-didactic and auxiliary staff of UTM were involved, including 17 qualified doctors, 71 doctors in science; 56 researchers without scientific title and 15 doctoral students.

The amount of 7913 thousand lei representing the volume of funding for research through projects (allocated means and budgetary sources), as well as the one of 4088.4 thousand lei representing the volume of co-financing of research activities and the stimulation of research at UTM are fully justified by the results obtained. It is about the co-financing of scientific research projects; publishing the journals “Journal of Engineering Science” and “Journal of Social Sciences”; registration of patent applications; extension of the subscription contract to Springer databases; as well as the salary increase for outstanding results in the research activity – articles in ISI journals, patents, inventions at invention halls, etc.

The results of the scientific research obtained by the scientific-didactic staff of UTM were reflected in 600 publications (including 439 within the research projects) structured as follows: 13 monographs (6 within the projects); 45 articles in IF journals (41 within the projects); 56 national articles of categories A, B+, B and C (38 within the projects); 87 articles in other international and national magazines (36 within the projects); 188 articles in collections of national and international papers (120 within the projects) and 321 theses of scientific conferences (198 within the projects). Also, 45 articles were published in journals on the Web of Science platform and 72 – in SCOPUS. And the number of citations of articles published by UTM collaborators on these platforms is estimated at 1509 – on the Web of Science (h-index – 26) and 1677 – in SCOPUS (h-index – 27). At the same time, in 2019, 9 patents were issued and 24 patent applications were submitted.

At the various international innovation and invention halls, the results of the UTM researchers’ investigations were appreciated: The Big Prize and 32 medals – at the European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation EUROINVENT-2019; The Centenarian of Great Union Award and 16 medals – at the PROINVENT-2019 Scientific Research, Innovation and Inventions Hall; The Big Prize and 23 other medals – at the International Inventions Exhibition INVENTICA-2019; the nominations “Invention of the year” (head: Academia I. Bostan), “Best project made by young people” (project director: dr. F. Braniște), “Best industrial design” (dr. A. Popov) and 23 other medals – at the INFOINVENT-2019 Specialized International Exhibition.

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