For the Master-graduates of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, the beginning of the year is marked by meritorious results and new perspectives.

The 11 Master’s students who, yesterday, defended their theses in the Master’s programme “Business Administration”, addressed current issues regarding the economic-financial activities of companies, the analysis of the external financing projects, the investment projects and the investment decision argumentation, strategies of sustainable development through the implementation of energy efficiency objectives, the use of modern management methods, the improvement of the commercial activity in companies, the improvement of the production activity based on the project management, the optimization of the logistics chain and the assurance of efficient supply, etc. As a result, the directions for improving the business activity were determined and some solutions already implemented within them were elucidated.

FIEB professors, Dr. Rina Țurcan, Dr. Nicolae Țurcanu, Dr. Vasile Mămăligă, together with the president of the examining committee, Dr. Petru Roșca, Department “Business and Administration, REI and Tourism”, Faculty of Economic Sciences, ULIM, and vice-president of the committee, Dr. Rafael Ciloci, the dean of FIEB, gave their high appreciation to the Master’s works Petru Bambuleac, Petru Basarab, Adriana Chirtoca, Ion Furculita, Igor Lasco and Dumitru Moroz, emphasizing their complexity and the high degree of their applicability.

Good luck in your professional activity, dear Masters in economy!

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