“EARTH ROVER: Connecting Things – 2019” has nominated its winners

Between December 12th and 14th, the International Student Competition for Mobile Robotic Systems and IoT Services “EARTH ROVER: Connecting Things – 2019”, organized by the Fablab Chișinău and the ICT Center of Excellence in the field of ICT, was organized by Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, UTM.

The theme of the contest was inspired by the famous Christmas comedy film “Home Alone”, and the teams had the challenging task of developing a system that mimics the behavior of a living company, educational, or service, monitoring, guidance provider, within 24 hours. For testing their projects, the layout of an apartment was used to simulate different case situations (gas leakage, smoke, open fire, temperature, humidity, etc.).

The devices needed to develop the projects were offered by the contest partners: USAID Moldova, Orange, Allied Testing-Moldova, Amdaris and ICG Engineering.

The competition aimed to integrate Mobile Robotic Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The IoT or Internet of Things is a concept that defines a world in which physical objects – devices, vehicles, buildings, industrial equipment and other elements, incorporated with electronic equipment, actuators, sensors and software – are connected to each other through the Internet to be supervised and controlled.

The competition registered 11 teams from Romania (“Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași), Ukraine (National University “Iurii Fedkovici” of Chernivtsi, National Technical University of Vinnytsia) and the Republic of Moldova (Technical University of Moldova).

The presentation of the final projects took place on Friday, December 13th, 2019, at 14.00 in the Imaginarium room of the Tekwill ICT Center of Excellence. The official ceremony was attended by the rector of UTM Viorel Bostan, the dean of FCIM Dumitru Ciorbă, the interim head of the Economic Development Department of the USAID Moldova Mission Steven Welker, USAID project manager Sergiu Rabii, guests from the institutions and businesses in the field.

The jury of the competition, made up of professionals in the field: Dinu Țurcanu, vice-rector of UTM; Eugeniu Gavrev, Orange Systems; Dmitri Calugari, ICG Engineering; Veaceslav Nastasenco, Allied Testing – had the difficult task of choosing from the 11 projects the most original and creative one. As a result, the following prizes were awarded:

1st place – T.E.A.M. Team T.E.A.M., Technical University of Moldova, Computers and networks (Andrei Miron, Daniel Cristian Surdu, Dragoş Mihai, adviser: Viorica Sudacevschi);

2nd place – Napoka Rover team, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Arion Ștefan, Pop Paul, Beleca Valentin, adviser: Grama Alin)

3rd place – Lab 304 team, “Iurii Fedkovici” National University of Chernivtsi (Dubovyk Oleksandr, AmariiI Anatolii, Balen Serhii, adviser: Iakovleva Inna);

Special mention – Turbo-Robot-Challenge team, Technical University of Moldova, Microelectronics and nanotechnologies (Argint Vitalie, Pozdneacov Dumitru, Angheluța Silviu, adviser: Ababii Nicolae)

All participants received diplomas of participation.

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