The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., Dr. Viorel Bostan, and the administrator of the “Moldaeroservice” State Enterprise, Viorel Catană, have signed an important collaboration agreement.

The agreement draws the attention of UTM students to the field of activity of the SOE Moldaeroservice and their familiarity with the applied aspects in the fields of communication, navigation and surveillance, the technical exploitation and maintenance of aeronautical systems and means intended to ensure the continuity, accuracy and integrity of the services provided by the company. With the same purpose, the organization and conducting of internships for students is anticipated. Also, in our discussions, we expressed our mutual interest to collaborate in the field of training and improvement of the staff of the “Technical School of Aviation Moldaeroservice”, ensuring the organization of a mutual exchange of information by conducting working sessions, seminars, thematic conferences and other events of common interest, mentioning that the provisions of this agreement are only a first step in the collaboration that we plan to further develop and use.

The company is one of the most experienced airline service providers with type MI-2 helicopters, not only in the territory of R. of Moldova, but also beyond its borders (Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea). According to the Air Operator Authorization №001, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova, the company carries out the following operations: Ambulance flights, Observation flights, Search and rescue operations, advertising and leisure flights, flights for the agricultural and forestry sector.

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