UTM-USV: Double Diploma Collaboration

A delegation of the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) paid a visit to the “Ștefan cel Mare” University in Suceava (USV), as part of the double diploma project for Master’s degree programs. The opportunity to obtain the UTM Master’s diploma and, at the same time, the USV diploma, is possible as a result of the decision of the double degree diploma agreement in 2017.

Beneficiaries of this agreement are students of the UTM-USV joint Master’s degree programs “Electrical Engineering”, “Energy and environment”, “Electroenergetics” (FEIE), “Computers and Data Networks”, “Information technologies” (FCIM), “Food Quality and Security” (FTA) and “Business Administration” (FIEB).

This year, UTM students have successfully submitted more than 30 theses at USV. At the same time, several students from USV expressed their wish to participate in the double diploma project.

During the visit, several joint meetings were held with the representatives of the USV leadership, in the person of the USV rector, prof., PhD. eng. Valentin POPA; prof., PhD eng. Mihai DIMIAN, vice-rector of scientific activity; prof., PhD. eng. Mircea-Adrian OROIAN, dean of the Faculty of Food Engineering; prof., PhD. eng. Ștefan-Gheorghe PENTIUC, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; prof., PhD. eng. Radu-Dumitru PENTIUC, director of the Department of Electrotechnics; prof., PhD. eng. Carmen NĂSTASE, dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration.

The participants from UTM were people involved in the process of organizing and conducting the double diploma studies from 4 faculties – associate professor, Dr. Victor ABABII, responsible of Master’s in FCIM; Dr. Raisa DRUȚĂ, vice-dean FTA; lect. Marcela BOTNARU, responsible of Master’s in FIEB; associate professor, Dr. Artur MACARI, head of Food Products Technology Department, FTA; associate professor, PhD Ion FIODOROV, head of the Department of Software and Automatic Engineering, FCIM; associate professor, Dr. Ilie NUCĂ, head of Electrical Engineering Department, FEIE; associate professor, dr. Viorica SUDACEVSCHI, head of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, FCIM.

The basic objectives of the meeting were to harmonize the Master’s degree curricula, correlating the curriculum across disciplines, equating content, equating credits, preconditions for access to study programs, establishing the timetable of didactic activities and assessments, coordinating the elaboration and presentation standards of Master’s theses.

At the same time, topics were brought up about the mobility for students from the Bachelor and Master programs, but also of the teachers within the Erasmus+ program, the organization of professional training of teachers, the involvement in research activity, the technical endowment of the laboratories, etc.

Also, members of the UTM delegation visited several didactic and research laboratories from USV – “Manufacturing systems”, “Systems engineering”, “Communications engineering”, “Intelligent machines and information visualization”, “Industrial interfaces”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility”.

The management of USV, prof., PhD. Eng. Valentin POPA, rector; prof., PhD eng. Adrian GRAUR, Rector Emeritus USV, but also several rectors, deans and coordinators of the Master’s programs, mentioned the exceptional success of the collaboration on the double diploma segment with UTM.

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