The Department of Economic Theory and Marketing within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of UTM organized a methodical seminar with the title “UDS – Smart algorithm for digitizing clients in order to increase the client base of the company”, guided by Dora Rotari, owner of Bucobasa company, in partnership with GIS IT partner – Global Intellect Service.

The UDS loyalty program was developed for small and medium-sized enterprises by the international company “Global Intellect Service”, “Bucobasa” being involved as a partner of GIS IT.

The UDS loyalty program offers the possibility to digitize the customer base, to monitor the sales volume, to minimize the advertising expenses and make them more efficient. The program is intended for small and medium-sized businesses and includes marketing tools that can be easily applied by entrepreneurs. It aims to digitize management processes that allow the company to save resources for promotion and, at the same time, exponentially increase the number of potential buyers.

In other words, UDS is a modern IT solution for business, resulting in the creation of a portfolio of satisfied and loyal customers – an important component in training FIEB disciples.

Thank you, “Bucobasa”, for your involvement!

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