Professors of the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business participated in an online Marketing course on the topic: “Grow your business. From budget, to online sales”.

For marketing professors / specialists it is a known thing: even if you have an excellent product or service, but you do not have the right online marketing strategies or tactics, no matter how hard you try, the results may be delayed. It’s an essential component in any business, as it can transform it, when done effectively, and bring a positive ROI.

How to get your start in well-organized and efficient online marketing? What are the main online advertising and communication channels and in what order do you use them to maximize your impact and gradually grow your business? The speaker of the event – Călin BIRIȘ, helped answer these questions by coming up with an inspirational speech about planning, budgets, tactics and how to build a powerful online marketing strategy. He brought them examples of good practices in online marketing, as well as useful tips from Social Media for a greater impact on communication. It’s an art, really, to know what you need to do to grow your business and how to take advantage of the power of online marketing in a professional way!

Along with entrepreneurs, managers, marketing and sales directors, beginners or specialists in the field of marketing, representatives of online stores, service businesses or B2B businesses, our teachers have accumulated knowledge in the studied subject, which they will definitely bring and disseminate in the university auditoriums.

Călin BIRIȘ is one of the most appreciated online marketing experts in Romania, with over 10 years of experience. He is currently Senior Business Partner in the agency of Digital Loopaa Marcom, trainer and founder of the Online Mastery program (online course of Online Marketing from A to Z), former marketing director for 2 of the largest Romanian online platforms: Trilulilu and Zonga.

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