Meet Valeria Rusu, graduate of UTM, FIEB, ML. And her story could become your story, too!

– Three years ago, I was on the wave of high school aspirations and future plans.

My fundamental principle was: “a one-way path that would provide me with a prosperous professional future”. While my colleagues applied to numerous studio programs at various universities, I had only one option: UTM!

I was in a great search, but Marketing chose me. Today after graduation, I am proud of my choice, all my experiences in the three years of study are justified by what we have achieved so far. I started my professional activity in the second year of studies, and at graduation, I have a job I am proud of, and I do exactly what I like.

It is one of my greatest achievements, and if anyone asks “why Marketing?”, I tell them about my experience:

  • Because it is a specialty with long-term opportunities;
  • It is a mix of art and science, subjective and objective;
  • There are never 2 days that are exactly the same;
  • It is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries,
  • Marketing is not just business, Marketing is used everywhere and for anything;
  • Marketing is a field that does not limit you to a business or a particular industry. We, as specialists, decide where we will be more fulfilled to apply the knowledge we obtained!

I chose Digital Marketing – very dynamic, never boring and continuously in need to be explored!

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