According to the Double Diploma Agreement established by the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) and “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania (USV), both our students and those from Romania have the opportunity to study abroad. On June 25th, a group of students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration defended their Master’s Theses at TUM.

The fruitful activity in the field of research for various international projects has led to a different type of cooperation – a didactic one. According to the Double Diploma Agreement, the students of the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering (TUM) have the opportunity to study at Ştefan cel Mare University in Suceava, and, respectively, the USV students – at TUM. Thus, the committee responsible for the assessment of the Master’s Theses for the study program “Business Administration” examined the works of: Florentina-Irina Albu – “The Regional Development Policy of the European Union. Case Study Romania” (guide: dr. Vasile Mamaliga), Mirinela-Nicoleta Avram – “Eco-Innovation – a Tool for Implementing Sustainable Economic Growth” (guide: dr. Cornelia Crucerescu), Alexandra Vatamaniuc – “Comparative study on the textile industry in Romania and the European Union” (guide: dr. Maria Gheorghiță).

The topics covered within the master’s theses are complex – including multidisciplinary subjects with considerable economic and social impact. The students’ works were well-demonstrated, focusing on practical ideas and suggestions. The members of the committee appreciated the results at a very high level.

The USV students were accompanied by the dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Professor Carmen Nastase, and the head secretary of this faculty, Luiza Pricop, which allowed to discuss the outcome of the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement, the arrangement of a Master’s thesis defense for FIEB students at “Ștefan cel Mare” University and the organization of a scientific conference.

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