Licentiate-2019, FIEB: How do we increase sales by 52% in 5 months?

Valeria Rusu, graduate of the study program “Marketing and logistics”, gr. ML-161, the Faculty of Economic and Business Engineering, through the implementation of digital marketing tools, succeeded in just 5 months to increase sales volume by 52% within a company.

In her thesis license “Digital marketing in passenger transportation service enterprises (based on “Infodotcom” SRL)”, Valeria has focused the study on information technologies (highest growth potential). Also, by implementing Digital Marketing tools, which aim to increase the sales of the company, she tried to challenge the stereotypes about young specialists, stating that the results didn’t fail to appear even with the involvement of a freshly graduated specialist.

Why Digital Marketing? Because, in the context of accelerated Internet development and information technology, Digital Marketing becomes a “programmed necessity”, regardless of tactics adopted by companies. Currently, in the business environment, we are witnessing a trend – digital transformation of businesses. Information technology has revolutionized how people and events are being reported and managed. Thus, the world not only tends towards digital, but the world is already digital!

Under the coordinator of the thesis, assoc. prof., PhD, Lilia CHIRIAC, Valeria aimed to analyze this current side of marketing, based on the “INFODOTCOM” SRL company, which operates by administering a computerized system for booking travel tickets for international passenger car rides, in the Republic of Moldova ( and Romania ( She insisted on a detailed analysis of the websites, in order to interpret the functionality of their search engines (important for a business that operates online), then she concentrated on the following aspects: Page Rank; priority of pages in the search engines; total traffic on the site; sources of traffic; number of organic search vs. paid search visitors; charging / waiting time; rejection rate; ranking and site performance in search engines, etc.

For a complete picture of the situation, she also analyzed the main competing sites – an intuitive and profound understanding of the quality of the site. Valeria researched the weak elements, in particular: indexation problems, very low PR coefficient, incompatibility of the search block with iPhone devices (given that about 73% of users get access from mobile devices), identical content, unsatisfactory loading speed, lack of internal links, ALT attribute, absence of Email marketing activities, incorrectly set Google Ads and Facebook Ads, undifferentiated content marketing, SM communication without directions and well-established strategies, errors, etc.

She didn’t limit herself to theoretical analysis. Valeria devoted an entire chapter of the thesis (chapter III) to her own efforts and those of her team during the 5 months of activity, given that the marketing activity in the company was completely absent.

Digital Marketing includes: Web, SEO, SEM (PPC), SMM, Content marketing, Email marketing, offline-online relationship. In the online environment, presence is the most important, and to ensure it, combined efforts are required across all digital marketing segments. Thus, several projects have been developed within the company, which have raised the site’s online productivity, increased user trust in personal online bookings. A special emphasis has been put on the web part, content and SEO (white seo).

Proposed solutions and finished projects: Image optimization, adding the ALT attribute; Reviewing keyword list (entering them in the heading); Optimizing site speed; Eliminating errors; Page customization; Meta title, Meta description; Creating internal / external links; Elaborating the Google Ads strategy; Adding the Webcallback button, refreshing the existing page, adding new pages, sales scenario for operators; the design and concept of emails, baggage tags, tickets; SM editorial plan; Redefining the audience with Buyer Personna; Offline-online integration actions (Bitrix for internal tasks management, Personal Cabinet for partners); Digital marketing mini-audit plan by analyzing Analytics and Statistics reports; Preparing the site for launching in Romania.

These actions have helped to develop the company’s business, improve quality and record current performance.

Recommendations for further work: Reforming the working strategy with partners (transporters); Purchasing original versions of marketing tools; Changing the hosting to increase the upload speed of the site; Implementing online payment; Expanding the platform with national transport segments.

Globalization and digitization contribute to increased opportunities and competition. In the case of this company, awareness has been brought about the importance of developing a marketing activity both online and offline, and the results show that it is worth the effort.

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