Anastasia BOBEICO: “You can confidently choose FIEB-UTM – it’s a real school of life!”

Anastasia BOBEICO, a graduate of the “Business and Administration” study program within the UTM Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, takes another step forward in her professional activity after 3 years of university, which passed in the blink of an eye: challenges, opportunities, joys – graduating is always tough when you finally say goodbye to your colleagues and the university environment.

About her experience studying at FIEB-UTM, she says that it was an extraordinary one, during which she was able to both acquire knowledge and skills that would favor the development of a successful career, as well as make friends for a lifetime.

She also holds the “Business and Administration” study program in high regard: it is well designed and structured. In addition to the comprehensive studies in the field, it includes the development of complementary skills in technology and IT, with a clear focus on the practical activity of the enterprise. Still, she is most appreciative of the teachers of FIEB, being delighted by their vast experience in the field, their consulting expertise, and especially by their consistent openness, through which they motivate their students.

In addition to the actual courses and practical lessons, Anastasia had the opportunity to participate in various regular and extracurricular conferences, during which she managed to publish 5 research articles in the economic field, obtaining 1st and 2nd place diplomas. She also participated in the UNI Startup Academy – a program focused on technological business development and ecosystem trends, in which mentors specializing in IT, business and startups guided young people in developing business ideas.

Under the supervision of assoc. prof., Dr. Rina ȚURCAN, she worked on her Bachelor’s thesis, researching “Directions for the development of enterprises in the field of construction in view of the results of the diagnostic analysis” and analyzing a set of economic-financial indicators necessary to measure the performance of construction companies and to maintain them throughout their activity. The idea was also welcomed by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, where Anastasia carried out her internship.

Given that the formation and elaboration of an entire infrastructure, both economic and social, which determines the sustainable development of the country, depend directly on the field of construction, in her Bachelor’s thesis, Anastasia set out to evaluate the results of the activity of construction companies and their increase in economic efficiency, increase in profitability, and assessment of the risk of bankruptcy of the given industry. The content of the thesis was also completed with a methodology for calculating price indices in construction.

In fact, completing a degree is an important starting point in the professional path of students, as it gives an additional impetus to conquer and expand your horizons. This is the message through which Anastasia wants to motivate all high school graduates:

– You can confidently choose the Technical University of Moldova. Opt for the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, and you will not regret it – it is a real school of life!

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