ERASMUS mobility at the Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão – a dream come true for Georgian POSTICĂ

Have you ever wondered what benefits and opportunities an Erasmus+ study mobility could open up for you abroad? Georgian POSTICĂ, a student of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, enrolled in the “Marketing and Logistics” program at TUM, considers that the chance to study in Portugal and live in a city like Porto inspired him to exceed his limits – an opportunity for which he wants to express his gratitude and affection for Alma Mater.

It was a great joy for me to be accepted to the Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão (ISAG), within the “Business Management” study program, as an Erasmus student, says George. ISAG is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Portugal and is also one of the top economics schools in Europe.

The experience went far beyond my expectations, and the knowledge gained during the mobility proved to be very useful. Thus, I decided to share my story.

To be honest, I was not nervous at all when I realized that I was about to go abroad to study in a country relatively foreign to me, in a new environment, but also in another language. As a graduate of the FLEX Program 2018-2019, I felt fully ready for this step.

ERASMUS+ completely exceeded my expectations, giving me a totally different experience from the one in the United States. I really can’t find the words to explain how I felt when I took off to a hitherto unknown country, towards another chapter of my life – a chapter that turned out to be beautiful and full of meaning. It was the ideal chance to continue to develop as an individual and as a student, and it helped me to overcome myself.

For us, the ERASMUS+ students, this exchange means living new experiences and creating memories for a lifetime. Medieval fairytale castles and the best surfing places in Europe, cobblestone villages and cities that never sleep, bike rides all over the country and trips to the ends of the earth… Whatever it is that you are looking for, Portugal can offer you everything!

Now that I am at the end of my current journey in Portugal, I can say for sure that Porto was the best choice I could have made. I chose this destination knowing absolutely nothing about this wonderful place, not even about the culture of Portugal, but if I had to choose a mobility destination again, I would definitely return to Porto. The positive energy that the Portuguese spread every day is indescribably contagious. Very rarely have I seen such people who always smile, who always try to make you feel good and comfortable in the country where you are, in fact, a foreigner. To be honest, I’ve never felt like an outsider here.

Porto is one of the most important cities in Southwest Europe. It is the former capital of this country, the city from which the name of this country comes. Wonderful views and dreamy sights, but also a wine known for both its tradition of preservation and its special taste – these are just a few distinctive elements of this beautiful city.

Regarding the “Business Management” study program within ISAG, from the very beginning I had a very clear idea about what I was going to study, about the way the program would run, and about the colleagues I would have during the mobility. My opinion about Erasmus study mobility, about the chosen study program, but also about the people there, was shaped by the warmth with which I was welcomed to this foreign country. Fortunately, during the semester, I did not encounter any difficulties, as the teachers and staff of the institution were always willing to explain and to help me regarding any of my questions.

I consider myself a happy person, who, at one point, forgot what it means to be bored… I met hundreds of students from all over Europe in Portugal. I made a lot of friends, with whom I lived a unique experience. I discovered new cultures, but also understood the fact that, although we come from different countries, the freedom and desire for knowledge is for us, young people, the same everywhere in the world.

I recommend all interested students to apply for such an experience, to dare to travel, to discover new horizons, new cultures, new adventures, even if the pandemic circumstances make this opportunity more difficult.

Always remember: What happens on Erasmus, stays on Erasmus.


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