Japanese management – a continuous source of inspiration

“Japanese modernization” – a holistic and complex approach to management presented by the representatives of the JIKA Agency and the International University of Japan to the students and professors of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business within the Technical University of Moldova.

It has become a tradition for the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business to invite experts from abroad to present in front of the academic environment. After the online lessons conducted by teachers from Romania and the USA, FIEB now benefits from the full support of the regional director of JIKA, Sugimoto san, and the organization of the lesson on “Japanese Growth and Management”, presented by Dr. Funabashi san from the International University of Japan in front of over 100 FIEB students and teachers.

The presentation began with a brief introduction to the concept of “JIKA Chair” from Sugimoto san, and continued with Dr. Funabashi san’s explanation of the fundamental factors of economic growth, the specifics of the corporate management system and Japanese management, popular economic rationality, the popular corporate system and industrial democracy.

The presented comparative analysis on cultural factors highlighted the robustness of Japanese management and its strategic approach, which allows the use of resources, including human resources, in terms of maximizing their potential.

The lesson ended with a valuable exchange of views on the topic. Certainly, the interaction and communication with experts contributes to the improvement of the educational process, to the determination of new research topics, and the establishment of collaboration relations. This event marks the beginning of a new wave of activities together with the partners from Japan.

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