Marcela FRIPTU, graduate of FIEB: Man must not set himself any limits!

Years ago, Marcela FRIPTU’s dream was to set up a business, expand it and make connections with prestigious international partners. After being enrolled at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business within the Technical University of Moldova, she managed to finally fulfill her dream, though she did not stop here. As Marcela declared: “Man must not set himself any limits!”.

Throughout her academic years, Marcela has identified herself as a creative person, having a keen eye for art and the ways of artistically expressing freedom of thought and action. However, she took interest in business management as well, thus managing to use her unbridled passion for expression to set up the online expansion in the Romanian region of the giant Polish retailer SMYK – a company with an annual value of about 400 million dollars. Previously, Marcela was a regional back office coordinator for physical stores for the famous ORSAY brand, in Romania. She has also launched, developed and managed a 50 style online store – a brand within the portfolio of another large Polish retailer. Since 2018, she has specialized in e-commerce and has taken a liking to it, for the reason that it is a creative job, which allows her to learn and develop herself further. In the meantime, Marcela managed to conduct her Master’s studies at Alma Mater, within the specialty “Business Administration”.

She speaks fondly about her studies at FIEB and says that, from her first days at the faculty, she was actively involved in all kinds of projects and activities, and the intense pace which she coped with brilliantly brought her great satisfaction. From her second year, she started working as a project assistant in a project that promotes equal gender opportunities in the Republic of Moldova. This experience widened her horizons within the non-governmental segment. In her third year, she was already involved in various European projects, in which she went to training courses, meetings, and summits almost monthly. Thus, she managed to travel a lot in countries like Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, and Latvia, and meet a lot of interesting people.

Marcela says extracurricular activities have always been the key to her success. Due to her involvement, she became a student in Poland. How? In her first year of University, she found out about the Study Tours to Poland project (parenthetically, she highly recommended it to everyone – and went on a 2-week study visit to Poland, where she traveled and learned about the country. For being among the most active participants within the project, she was selected for the 2nd stage. A year later, she traveled to Poland again, participating in a 10-day project management training within the Lane Kirkland post-master research fellowship program ( Marcela says she was determined to participate and applied as soon as she finished her Master’s Degree at FIEB. That’s how she became a student at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Wroclaw.

For the most part, the study process in Poland does not differ much from the one in Moldova, but the approach makes the difference. That is why she expressed distinctive respect for teachers who allow students to freely voice their opinion, motivate them to think, to overcome barriers in the context of the topics studied, promote the concept of positive encouragement, which she now applies in her professional activity, always bringing added value to the effort she puts in.

In this regard, she recalls a philosophy lesson, in which her teacher emphasized that, as a principle, people maintain their enthusiasm and desire for knowledge and affirmation until the age of 23-24. That statement became a life lesson for her, that remained somewhere in the back of her mind, always motivating her to prove, first of all to herself, that Man should not set any limits for himself and, therefore, no one else can impose them on him. Marcela knows from her own experience that it is worthwhile to always preserve your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, and to continuously experience, regardless of age or profession. There is always something more, something new – to study and experience. There are still undiscovered paths and extraordinary solutions. “Sky’s the limit!” – but that doesn’t seem to be a limit either, as Elon Musk has been increasingly demonstrating.

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