Cristina ERHAN, a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, specializing in “Business and Administration”, says that studies in economics have offered her a vast number of opportunities in her professional activity since graduating from University.

– I chose to study business and administration due to my enthusiasm and goal to open my own business here, in Moldova. But once I took my first steps into university life, I understood that you can’t do much with just the idea, you still need a well-developed plan, knowledge in various fields, and most importantly, work and life experience, which are not necessarily measured in decades or the number of times your changed your job. It is about the ambition and the unbridled desire to explore and discover as many aspects as you can in the field you are excelling in. The field of economics, for example, is very flexible, so whether you are a manager, marketer or accountant, you can work in virtually any company, regardless of its profile.

This is also my case: the company “Carolina” SRL, in which I have been operating for over 3 years, deals with the sale of porcelain tableware, textiles, glass, decor and other household items. I got hired here after my first year of university and I can say that my evolution from the position of salesman-consultant in one of the stores, as a part-time job, to that of promo manager, gave me wings and that dose of confidence that I am in the right place.

I have evolved a lot in these few years of activity. With a united and friendly team, I learned to value team spirit, relationships with partners and colleagues, who gave me the confidence that any challenge is just a new way of saying.

As a promo manager, I interact with potential customers or our loyal customers in the online environment – on social networks or on web pages. Thus, my main tasks include daily publications, creating and posting interactive videos, discussions with customers, as well as managing online stores. I consider this position to be both interesting, but requiring much responsibility, because, from my own experience, I can say that, in Moldova, people are still very skeptical about online shopping and it is quite difficult to convince them with just a beautiful image. This job always keeps me up to date, it urges me to discover something new, creative methods of presenting and promoting products, thus contributing to my personal development.

When it comes to the importance of studies in regards to employment, I always remember the interview I gave when applying for this job, in which I was asked: “What is your education?”. At the time, I was just a student, but that mattered a lot. For an employer, what counts is not only the candidate’s desire to work or the fact that he has a degree. Always prioritize knowledge, especially basic training in the field, knowledge of at least one foreign language, logical thinking, but also discipline, responsibility, flexibility, desire to get involved, the ability to work in a team, to adapt to changes that occur along the way, etc.

The foundation of these skills is laid while in university. In other words, the faculty brings you to the starting line of the profession, and after graduating, you are the only one in charge of how far your limits go.

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