Sandra PRUNICI is a graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, study program “Marketing and Logistics”, class of 2020. “I worked with great pleasure with Sandra during these three years of study, but also during the development of her Bachelor’s thesis. Responsibility, perseverance, creativity, originality are traits that helped her record excellent results”, underlines the associate professor, Dr. Lilia CHIRIAC, head of the program “Marketing and logistics”, Department of Economic Theory and Marketing, FIEB. Her student years proved to be a beautiful experience, which I asked her to share, in order to captivate other young people about marketing – a modern specialty, indispensable in any business.

– Only now I realize that the three years of University passed in an instant … Beautiful, productive years, with a lot of interesting activities, in which I dedicated my attention, time, emotion, and received a lot of experience, practical skills and vast knowledge in response, says Sandra PRUNICI. Here, I managed to grow, to develop, to become known and heard, to find out more about myself, about what I can do, about the world around me and, of course, about the mechanisms of economics, marketing and logistics. UTM offers vast opportunities for knowledge accumulation, but also for the promotion and support of students, which encourages them to develop their skills and helps them to be recognized for their success. Thanks to UTM, my successes have been appreciated by an entire country!

Why did I opt for “Marketing and logistics”? Because it is an absolutely necessary field in any activity. Whether the institution operates in the field of light industry, television, IT, catering, tourism, education – all need specialists in marketing and logistics. It is a revolutionary, relatively new field that helps companies to develop, to become more stable and to stand out in the market. It is very important for the company to have a high quality and innovative product, but it is equally important for people to know about the existence of this product, to use it and to recommend it to others. Novelty, innovation, creativity, unusual ideas are key notions in marketing and, respectively, you can’t get bored in this field.

In the study program “Marketing and Logistics” I managed to really understand how vast and important this field is. Studying at University expanded my horizons of knowledge, inspired my motivation to research and analyze in this field. Thus, I managed to develop on a personal level: to manage my time efficiently, to delimit my activities according to priorities, to manage my finances, to give a speech, to get rid of the fear of speaking in public, to express my point of view without denigrating another opinion, to think creatively, but also various methods of stimulating creativity, etc.

Of course, the role of teachers is and has always been indisputable in the training of students, a role that is not limited to the dissemination of knowledge. The teachers guided us in our professional training, helped us to develop personally, to gain confidence in our own strengths, to move forward in achieving our goals and to develop our creativity. At UTM, I had the great opportunity and benefit to grow under the guidance of teachers who love their job, adore their students, and show interest in the evolution of each student. I admire my teachers – for their professionalism, dedication, for the way they explain complex topics, subjects or situations, but also for the support offered in more difficult situations.

Although at the beginning it was more difficult, along the way I managed to combine my study schedule with my activity in the actual sector, being a customer support agent in an IT company. I am part of the marketing team and, respectively, I am involved in all the actions undertaken in the field. Sometimes, I get this feeling that I have already experienced the situations I go through at my workplace – which is true, I did, only not physically, but during my University classes. When I passed a new topic, I discovered new techniques and methods, I could understand it better, to project it more clearly in my mind. Some of them I managed to adapt and integrate in the activity I carry out – in communication with customers, negotiations, beliefs, product presentations, etc. It is impossible to learn everything about marketing and logistics and their peculiarities in three years of university, but it is during this period that the foundation is created and consolidated, a foundation on which a stable construction can later be placed. And what this construction will look like in the future depends on each one of us.

Digital marketing is a relatively new field on the market of the Republic of Moldova and too little exploited by marketing specialists. That is why I chose my Bachelor’s thesis topic to be “Communication policy and social networks”. What were the challenges in developing the thesis? There were several, but I’m glad I overcame them. In order to be successful in social networks and in communication through digital channels, it is essential to test, experiment and formulate conclusions based on the observations made. Therefore, we used experiment and observation as a research method. We used different platforms – Zoom, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, YouTube. Moreover, at the actual presentation of my thesis, in order to be closer to the members of the commission and to my colleagues, I created an avatar that would resemble and assist me during the presentation. The avatar was created in Adobe Illustrator, and the presentation was made using the Keynote application. The graphics were made through the Sketch application, and for the presentation of the graphs in the Facebook, Google Analytics and YouTube reports, I used the Jumpshare program, which helped me in taking screenshots.

I am often asked about the secrets and strengths that have helped me achieve the desired result. In fact, the secret, if it exists, is daily hard work, responsibility and a lot of specialized reading. There are methods that help not only to get good grades, but also to become a true professional. That is why I urge future students to strongly believe that they will be able to make the most of their skills and competencies acquired during their studies at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, at the Marketing and Logistics program.

We wish great achievements to all! We are waiting for you at UTM!

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