Anastasia FUȘTEI is a third year student at the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, within the study program “Business and Administration”. Being part of various NGOs, she managed to interact with several international volunteers and confirm to herself that her dream of studying abroad is as real as possible. And this motivated her to apply for ERASMUS.

– ERASMUS opened new horizons for me, gave me the feeling of maturity and independence that I needed, a new experience, international friends, travelling, adventures, but also the opportunity to develop my practical and intellectual skills to help me face new challenges. Thus, I ended up studying Business Management at ISAG – European Business School in Porto, Portugal.

Once you step in, you are under the impression that you have entered another world, fully equipped and with the best studying conditions. Unfortunately, I did not manage to benefit too much from this opportunity due to the pandemic triggered worldwide, as the courses were later moved online.

At first, I was afraid of the courses I was taking, especially of the exams that I had to take in another language. But I adjusted very quickly, thanks to the support of the students and teachers there, who are very welcoming. They were very open to each student, without differentiating between local and international ones.

The rumors about it being much harder abroad or that “not a lot of studying is done here” are completely wrong. Besides, it doesn’t matter that much what country you study in – what matters is your hard work and perseverance as a student. Though the study schedule is very busy, it forces you to become more organized, more disciplined. In addition to improving your English skills, you have a lot of weekly/monthly papers, and exams in different formats. Although most of the courses were online, the quality of studies was not affected – the teachers did not hesitate to give us feedback after each presentation and answered all our questions. Each teacher was, first and foremost, a mentor, always ready to come to our aid and support us.

Studying abroad brings you a lot of advantages: knowledge of a new language, the experience of participating in projects and activities for international students – an extra point towards getting the job you want. On top of that, I have become much more responsible, more open to new things, more tolerant of the culture and religion of others.

I’m glad I had this experience. Although Porto is a beautiful city, I am happy to return to Moldova! Because I want a future at home! And the knowledge and experience gained abroad will help me build a successful career.

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