FIEB: “Accounting and Taxation go hand in hand” contest has ended

Ensuring the relevance of UTM courses to today’s economic reality requires regular adaptations of currently used tools, thus, the “Accounting” course within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business presents the “Accounting and Taxation go hand in hand” Contest for first year students, coordinated by assoc. prof., Dr. Neli MUNTEAN, in collaboration with PP Fiscal Monitor

In line with the motto of the event – “Accounting is not a triumph of mathematics over the mind, accounting is a triumph of the mind over mathematics” – the competition aims to expand and develop knowledge in the field of Accounting and Taxation by creating a framework conducive to debate and exchanges of views between teachers, students and practitioners in the financial-accounting field.

The competition registered 6 teams entrusted with the task of making a presentation on “Us and Accounting”, followed by a quiz of 15 questions in the field of Accounting and Taxation, organized by Dr. Veronica SIREȚEANU, director and founder of FINEDU, Deputy Director of AMCham Moldova.

The objectives of the competition were:

  • developing knowledge in the field of Accounting and Taxation by creating a framework favorable for debates and exchanges of views between teachers, students and specialists from companies;
  • initiating teamwork;
  • stimulating creativity as a means of introducing students to research.

The students’ effort was evaluated by a commission made up of both professors and practitioners:

Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, UTM;

Rafael CILOCI, associate professor, PhD, Dean of FIEB, UTM;

Rina ȚURCAN, associate professor, PhD, head of department, FIEB-UTM;

Rodica MUSTEAȚĂ-STACI, director PP Fiscal Monitor;

Iurie CICIBABA, co-president of the AMCham Moldova Fiscal Committee, Managing Partner Taxaco;

Ghenadie NEGARĂ, auditor, co-director of the ACAP RM Finance and Budget Committee, co-director of the ACAP RM Public Institutions Interaction Committee.

The commission nominated three winning teams, awarding first, second and third place prizes, participation diplomas and gifts from the guests.

– Such extracurricular activities are very appealing for students, having an engaging and innovative nature and acting as a source of stimulation for creativity, a means of introducing students to research. That is why the organization of such events should be recognized as an initiative with a positive impact on increasing professionalism and encouraging student creativity, which will greatly boost students’ academic results, as well as their professional ones, for their future, concluded assoc. prof. Neli MUNTEAN, the organizer and coordinator of the contest.

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