Bachelor’s 2020, FIEB: Financial and staff operation diagnostic analysis

The students of the “Business and Administration” study program within the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, Inga ROTARI and Daniela STACI, had multiple successes during their years of study at UTM.

The two have demonstrated their analytical skills since their first semesters at the faculty. The first joint success was registered at the Technical-Scientific Conference of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Students of UTM, 2019, at which they presented a report of the results of a scientific study. Together, they later won the vote of confidence of the construction company “5AQ Invest” SRL, which offered them the opportunity to complete their economic-technologic internship. As a result of a detailed study of the activity of this enterprise, they identified the main areas that need adjustment, elaborating important scientific articles for the 2020 edition of the Technical-Scientific Conference of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Students, UTM. Thus, ensuring the possibility of completing the diploma internship at the respective company.

Under the aegis of the scientific coordinator, associate professor, Dr. Alina STRATILA, they managed to successfully develop and defend their Bachelor’s theses targeted at the activity of the same company “5AQ INVEST” SRL. Inga ROTARI aimed to perform the diagnostic analysis of human resources, and Daniela STACI – the diagnostic analysis of the financial situation of the company.

Relying on the feedback from the staff, the graduate Inga ROTARI proposed to the company’s employees to fill in a questionnaire using the Microsoft Google Forms application – for the general assessment of the situation regarding the social protection of the staff of construction companies. She also proposed a plan for the development of the social sphere focused on improving three main elements: staff development; improving working and living conditions; and social security. The graduate considered that following the evaluation of the operation of human resources, the company can change its policies and strategies regarding human resources management, but also to improve and optimize the activity of employees. The economic effect following the improvement of the situation concerning the social protection of the personnel will be reflected on the increase of the company’s performance and will make the activity of the enterprise more efficient generally, considers the graduate Inga ROTARI.

Her colleague, Daniela STACI, proposed a complex analysis of the company’s financial situation. The objective was the financial capacity of the company to generate profit, the ability to meet its short-term or long-term obligations (liquidity and solvency), as well as the value of the company. Even if the activity of the enterprise is appreciated as being a satisfactory one, the diagnosis brought to the surface several strengths and weaknesses regarding the financial-accounting, legal-patrimonial, commercial, technical-operational aspects. In the same vein, in the practical chapter of her Bachelor’s thesis, the graduate proposed a justified methodology for assessing the risk of bankruptcy, in order to monitor the sustainable development of the company. The objectives are obvious: to identify solutions that will advantageously influence the results in the future.

Thus, “5AQ INVEST” SRL ended up with a multilateral diagnostic analysis, and FIEB – with the accomplishment of having prepared graduates ready to deal with the most complex economic and financial situations.

Much success in your professional career, dear graduates!

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