“Introduction to IT security” is one of the 6 optional courses in Computer Science, for which the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova has ordered the establishment of working groups for curriculum development, but also course materials for teacher staff training, according to art. 40 of the Education Code, for the diversification of the curricular content.

The working group includes 3 professors of UTM – vice-rector Dinu ȚURCANU (group coordinator), associate professor, dr. Dumitru CIORBĂ (dean of FCIM), but also Ludmila PECA, professor of informatics at CEITI and, respectively, at FCIM-UTM.

– We have a very important role – to develop the optional curriculum “Introduction to IT security”. We have already conducted an online meeting, through CISCO WEBEX, and we have examined various concepts to create a course that provides skill development, improves the information culture and allows us to become more secure and protected in the online environment, said the group coordinator, the vice-rector of UTM, Dinu ȚURCANU.

In fact, a number of UTM professors renowned in the field are also part of 4 other working groups set up to diversify the curricular content in Informatics:

Radu ANDRONIC, Ala CARCEA and Anatol GREMALSCHI (group coordinator) – optional curriculum “Graphic Design”;

Mihail GAVRILIȚĂ and Alexandru BURLACU (group coordinator) – optional curriculum “Artificial Intelligence”;

Sergiu CORLAT (group coordinator) – optional curriculum “Programming algorithms in C/C++”;

Anatol GREMALSCHI (group coordinator) – optional curriculum “Design and development of mobile applications”.

The activity of the working groups will be coordinated by Angela PRISĂCARU, main consultant, General Education Directorate, MECC, who will collaborate with UTM, the Center of Excellence in ICT – TEKWILL, the Association of ICT Companies, the Association for Development of Electronic Communications and Innovative Technologies, and other organizations in the field. At the same time, in collaboration with ANACEC, CTICE and CISCO, the possibility of certifying the competencies obtained by students as a result of completing the optional curriculum in Informatics will be examined.

The curriculum projects are to be submitted to the MECC for approval by June 15, 2020, and the course materials for teaching staff training – by July 15, 2020.

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