We hoped for a different ending for this year’s May. Or for a different spring. Our projects regarding our career, family, daily life, have been turned upside down. But this situation has forced us to aim for a new hierarchy of priorities and values.

The access to the most usual and simple things has become the number one priority. A walk outside, in the park, face-to-face communication with friends, relatives, is what has become extremely desirable and precious. God teaches us a lesson: the virtual environment, no matter how useful, must never replace the live one. For a long time, he offered it to us in abundance, in order for us to understand the true price of what is simple, alive, natural.

This pandemic situation is, let’s face it, a decline, but also a potential pit. And from this point – forecasts are made by the hundreds. But it also depends on us to return to normality. Although, for this, sometimes certain changes are required. Such as the cancellation of BAC exams for high school graduates. Being dictated by the need to ensure the health of children and families, the MECC decision triggered various reactions and attitudes, as is natural. From joy to frustration. Especially for those who have prepared diligently – the maturity test is an exam of will, character, thinking, creative abilities, and their own personality.

What matters is that, during the period preceding the MECC decision, UTM professors moved to the online environment, continuing the traditional BAC exam preparation courses for students. The experience brought nervousness, inner discomfort, caused by the lack of offline face-to-face communication, but the teachers were cognizant of the fact that the training process must continue. In this context, the efforts of the technical team, led by Vasile Chetroi, are much appreciated. They provided the technical resources and assured the live broadcast. These, although devoid of the pace and tempo of actual live classes, besides the BAC preparation, also involved a deep social essence: the institution’s concern for young people, for their sense of not feeling alone in the face of problems, but also an effort for preparing them for their following university studies, for their further professional training.

Online courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science, taught by some of the best professors of UTM: Ion Jardan, Iurie Subotin, Leonid Dohotaru, Sergiu Corlat and Constantin Pîrțac! Increased interest and tens of thousands of views around the world! Obviously, all this would not have been possible without the commitment and involvement of the UTM managers, who designed, coordinated, managed the whole process: the rector Viorel Bostan, the vice-rector Dinu Țurcanu, the director of CEGHID, Radu Melnic.

The unusual approach embraced in this period is quite exhausting. But the accomplished goal blurs it. Other goals to be achieved await us.

See you in the university classrooms!

God will help us!


Associate Professor, PhD in Physics and Mathematical Sciences,

Technical University of Moldova


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