At the initiative of the Chișinău City Hall, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the General Directorate of Education, Youth and Sports of Chișinău, yesterday, on April 20th, the project “Online Education” was officially launched – a remote learning platform for pre-university education (primary, secondary and high school classes) which will include the teaching material to be taught by the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, according to the approved curriculum. The initiative comes to support the educational system during the declared state of emergency in the country. The aim of the project is to ensure free access to lessons conducted by the best teachers in Chișinău, created for all students according to all quality standards; thus benefiting from educational services of high quality.

With the support of the Soros Foundation-Moldova, the Technical University of Moldova, the EduTolk show, Crunchyroll, the National Association of ICT Companies and the Academy of Innovation and Change through Education, a complex and fast mechanism for creating and recording videos of the lessons for various disciplines of study was developed within the project. 

Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, who coordinates this project as a UTM representative, was particularly proud and honored by the fact that the Technical University of Moldova participates in this online remote learning project, responding affirmatively to the initiative of the Chișinău City Hall. He mentioned that during this pandemic period, the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of UTM was transformed into a production set, in which absolutely all the classrooms (about 30 auditoriums) are used to record the courses which will help teachers, students and parents continue the study process. During this period, UTM provided not only the filming sets, but also the staff of the Information Technology Department, which contributes to all the processes that take place here, the preparation of the filming sets, etc. UTM was also involved in the remote learning project by preparing students for the Baccalaureate exams on online platforms, an activity that we started with the cessation of the traditional study process. Already experienced in the field, UTM will be honored to continue to provide the necessary support for online education not only during the pandemic, but also after returning to offline studies, because the tools we use in the field of information technology will be in high demand even afterwards.

During the official launch of the project, students, teachers and the general public were greeted by the Mayor of Chișinău, Ion CEBAN; the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Igor ȘAROV; the Deputy Mayor of Chișinău, Angela CUTASEVICI; the Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Natalia GRÂU; the director of the show “EduTolk”, Cătălina ȚURCANU; Elena IVANOVA, country director at Crunchyroll; Adrian PLEȘCA, counselor at the office of the mayor of Chișinău; Daniela MUNCA-AFTENEV, Academy of Innovation and Change through Education; Michelle ILIEV, producer of the show “EduTolk”; Dorin GALBEN, journalist/vlogger at “Un show de 2 galbeni” (A show worth two gold coins); Viorica OLEINIC, teacher of Romanian language and literature; Evgheni TENTIUC, teacher of music education; Galina SARBUSAN, teacher of Romanian language and literature; Carolina ANDRONIC, teacher of English, etc. Two demonstrative lessons were presented for the courses: History of the Romanians and Universal History, with the topic “World War I” (prof.: Daniela VACARCIUC) and the Russian Language and Literature, the chapter “Мое здоровье” (My health), the topic “Чтобы не болеть, нужно…” (In order to stay healthy, you need to…), (prof.: Olga LEAȘCENCO).

The educational materials in video format will be transmitted through the national television channels, in order to ensure the access of the courses to as many students as possible. On the Internet, the lessons can be watched by accessing the website The platform has a friendly interface, designed to be as simple as possible: any lesson from any category in the menu bar can be easily accessed/downloaded, as well as various open teaching aids – digital textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, various exercises. And to make it even easier to access a particular video, you can use the search engine, which contains search filters by subject, date or language in which it was recorded.

It is a first step in the standardization of the remote learning process – a project which will be advanced and modernized along the way. The over 300 teachers from 69 educational institutions in the capital involved in the project, guided by several teams of experts, coordinators, volunteers and film crews, are developing an innovative learning mechanism, which will become very accessible over time. The digital library offers a wide variety of online lessons for all classes provided in general education, grades I-XII, for the exact sciences or social sciences branches, in Romanian and Russian. The first phase includes approximately 2,500 video lessons, and the second phase of the project will include a total number of about 4,500 video lessons. Each recorded lesson lasts up to 15 minutes, with interactive and useful content.

An estimated 331,000 students from public education institutions will have access to the school curriculum, developed in virtual format, as well as 9874 children with learning difficulties and disabilities, who will also be able to follow the remote education program. Additionally, approximately 27,400 teachers in the general education system will be able to recommend the new method of study to children.

With we learn from home and stay safe!

Lansarea proiectului Educație Online

Lansarea Proiectului Educație Online. Biblioteca digitală este disponibilă pentru toți elevii din țară. Lecțiile video vor putea fi urmărite și la canele de televiziune națională, precum și IPTV.Proiectul Educație Online este implementat de către Primăria Municipiului Chișinău și Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării al Republicii Moldova, cu suportul Fundației Soros-Moldova, Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, Emisiunea Edu Tolk, Crunchyroll, Asociația Națională a companiilor din domeniul TIC și Academia de Inovare și Schimbare prin Educație.

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