Psychological counseling during the pandemic

In these agitated times caused by the coronavirus pandemic, anxiety is somewhat inevitable. How to deal with anxiety, fear, stress, panic, depression during the pandemic and how to cope with isolation at home?

Psychologists of the Department of Social & Human Sciences within UTM, associate professor, Dr. Viorelia LUNGU and university lecturer Simion SIMION-DĂNUȚ, urge us to use this period of self-isolation for activities related to our mental health as well: to meditate, to read, to enjoy activities pleasant for us, to avoid being alone, to communicate more with our loved ones. At the same time, they come with the initiative to counsel students and colleagues of UTM, in order to help them to manage their anxiety or negative emotions.

“Dear students and colleagues, we are here for you! You can write to us privately on the Facebook page Dan Simion and Viorelia Lungu, on Messenger, Instagram (simion2simion) or Viber. We want to assure you that the discussions are private and they will be deleted as soon as the topic of the discussion is exhausted.”

Advice from experts is remarkably important, especially now, when the fear and anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic can be overwhelming. You can confidently call on us!

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